Corporate Social Investment

Kleen Bin Blaauwberg’s approach to Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is to support the very community that supports us.

Our CSI support focuses on three causes in the greater Blaauwberg area:

SA Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB)

SANCCOB’s mission is to care for and look after the conservation of coastal birds, and the public can get involved by adopting an African penguin egg or with volunteer work at the centre. When an African penguin chick or egg is abandoned by its parents, it has zero chance to survive. To adopt an egg is only a R300 donation which will help SANCCOB to save chicks. Your investment will contribute towards the cost of fish, veterinary treatment, and other essential items that are needed to hatch an egg and to raise a chick. For more information check out

Kleen Bin Blaauwberg has a long-standing relationship with SANCCOB and we deep clean and sanitise their wheelie bins weekly at no charge.

“We’re grateful that Kleen Bin Blaauwberg chooses to partner with us. Their generosity enables us to give each bird a fighting chance to be released back into the wild and thrive.”

Dr. Stephan van der Spuy


Community Medics, Table View

Community Medics has been operational since 1998 and their vision is to provide first-world emergency medical care free of charge to all people in need. The team consists of 50+ volunteers and most of the time, they are the first responders at an accident scene and provide life-saving emergency medical support in the very community we operate in!

All the medics are professionally trained and registered with the Health Professional Council of South Africa.

Kleen Bin Blaauwberg is proud to support Community Medics with a monthly financial sponsorship and a deep wash and sanitisation of their bins every week.

“Thank you Kleen Bin Blaauwberg for your generous sponsorship, supporting us to continue our vital community medical services.”

Kim Norton

Community Medics

Kleen Bin Academy

As a proudly South African small business, conceptualised with passion and built over two decades, we’re a significant employer of blue-collar staff. Operating in the greater Blaauwberg area, we hire staff from within the greater Blaauwberg communities of Dunoon and Joe Slovo Park, primarily.

The vast majority of our new hires are people that are not well educated and don’t have access to any kind of upskilling opportunity. As a consequence, the Kleen Bin Academy offers new employees an opportunity to be trained and coached through the Academy while also receiving additional life skills and mentorship through their career with us.

With new skills and a permanent job, these new employees become productive members of our community who can then support themselves and their extended families through a secure, regular income.

We have been doing this successfully for over two decades.