Food waste a threat

In the fast-paced world we live in, food hygiene, and the matters that can and will affect this, has become public knowledge and part of general home safety… or so we believe. The issue of food waste, and the correct handling thereof, is now under the spotlight with more and more severe illnesses making the news.

Society often turns a blind eye to the risks of food waste, and the consequent food-borne illnesses, as we carry on with our busy lives, ignoring the dangers in our own homes or businesses.

Leftovers, including peels of fruit and vegetables along with protein offcuts, food wrappers like plastic bags, cans or polystyrene bases, have the potential to turn toxic through a lack of refrigeration or proper handling. Standard bacteria and coliforms multiply very quickly and if touched and then ingested simply by casual contact, could be deadly at worst or cause mild to severe food poisoning.

One of the biggest risks in the family home is the trusted wheelie bin. If neglected and not sanitised regularly, this rubbish container can be the source of various bacterial illnesses. Just because the wheelie bin is out of sight (and smell) doesn’t mean it should be left to fester.

In today’s professional food businesses like restaurants and food manufacturing companies, a control by the acronym HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points Principles) is used worldwide to take care of these risks by putting in place common sense measures to control and prevent the outbreak of food-borne illnesses. Frequent specialised site, staff and food sample tests are carried out to ensure our food safety at public places.

So, who takes care of this in our homes; how do we as parents or homeowners take precautions to ensure our waste is not a hazard to our children, neighbours and friends?

At Kleen Bin, we specialise in the cleaning of wheelie bins for domestic and commercial purposes. We have over 20 years’ experience and only use environmentally safe and approved chemicals and anti-bacterials, a cleaning system that saves water and a cleaning process that ensures your bin is properly and professionally cleaned and sanitised.

With Kleen Bin, you, your family, business colleagues and employees can enjoy a germ-free dustbin environment.